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Biljana Scott is a linguist with an interest in diplomacy and international relations. She is a Senior Lecturer in Language and Diplomacy at DiploFoundation (Geneva and Malta), and a Faculty Lecturer in Chinese Linguistics at the faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford.

All her research interests, both professional and personal, concern the way in which language influences the way we think about the world and act upon it. They include political rhetoric, public speaking, public diplomacy, photography and poetry.
Her work in photography is featured on a separate site:

Born and brought up in Geneva of Scottish and Yugoslav parentage, she was educated in the UK and lives in Oxford.

Qualifications: B.A. Hons. in Chinese, M.Phil and D.Phil in Linguistics, University of Oxford. M.A. Area Studies (Far East), School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London; Postgraduate Diploma in Contemporary Diplomacy, DiploFoundation.