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I run workshops for a wide variety of customers: the European Commission, various Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Diplomatic Academies, Universities, the corporate and private sectors. Please be in touch with me directly ( or with Hannah Slavik at DiploFoundation ( if you are interested in arranging a workshop.

All workshops are exercise-driven and require active participation. Simulation exercises are supplemented with a discussion of political speeches, treaties, government announcements and media material, in the form of texts, film clips and images.  

Workshops offered

Language and Diplomacy

This workshop explores how language works and how it can best be put to work in the service of diplomatic objectives. There are two aims: (1) to achieve a heightened awareness of the resources of language, and (2) to enhance the psychological acuity necessary for 'reading' others. A linguistic tool-kit is provided along with essential insights on the role of culture, context and intention in modulating meaning.

Topics covered include: building relationship; handling disagreement; constructive ambiguity; understanding the unsaid; persuading others; humour; standing firm. Although the course is run in English, the lessons learned are applicable to all languages.


The Language of Negotiation

This workshop involves a simulation exercise in multilateral negotiation during which participants are monitored on the way in which they use language. They are given individual feedback on their performance with tips on how to improve. This workshop is best delivered in conjunction with a negotiations trainer.


Public Speaking and Persuasion

Based on my experience as a member of Toastmasters International and president of one of the Oxford clubs, this workshop offers training both in impromptu speaking and prepared speeches. Particular attention is given to various techniques of ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ persuasion.


Public Diplomacy

A series of simulation exercises in identity building, image management and message dissemination. The importance of language in shaping perceptions is emphasised throughout. 


Past Workshops


Four sample chapters from my Language & Diplomacy pack are provided here.