Bi Scott - Language and Diplomacy

Workshops - Past Workshops



Language and Influence, Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Pretoria, South Africa
21 October 2010
Internet Governance & IT Policy (with Virginia Paque),
Gaborone, Botswana 
19-20 October 2010
L&D, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bahrain  2-8 October 2010
Complex Negotiations, (with Paul Meerts), Train4Diplo
DG RELEX, EC, Brussels
28-9 September 2010
L&D (with Sir Colin Budd), Train4Diplo,
DG RELEX, EC, Brussels. 
21-2 September 2010
Modern Diplomacy for Small States, DiploFoundation Malta
26 May – 4 June
Complex Negotiations (with Paul Meerts),
Economic University, Prague.
  17-18 March 2010
L&D (with Sir Colin Budd), Train4Diplo,
DG RELEX, EC, Brussels.   
8-9 March 2010
Public Speaking, the English Speaking Union, Malta. 3-4 February 2010
MA in Contemporary Diplomacy, DiploFoundation, Malta. 1-3 February 2010
Train4Diplo, DG Trade, EC, Brussels. 21 January 2010


Langage et Diplomatie, French language workshop,
(with Anita landecy and Gilbert Rist),
Train4Diplo, DG RELEX
1-2 December
Language and Influence, Bank of Valletta, Malta  October 2009
Language and Influence, DiploFoundation, Malta  October 2009
Complex Negotiations (with Paul Meerts),
Train4Diplo, DG RELEX, EC, Brussels
Sept & May    
Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations (IDFR),
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
8 May
Multi-Stakeholder Diplomacy (with J. Kurbalija and A. Trigona),
Train4Diplo, DG RELEX. EC, Brussels.
11-13 May
L&D (with Sir Colin Budd) Train4Diplo,
DG RELEX, EC, Brussels       
April & Dec 2009
Multi-Stakeholder Diplomacy (with Kurbalija and Trigona),
National Telecom Regulatory Authority, Cairo, Egypt  
January 2009  
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cairo, Egypt    January 2009